Saturday, October 11, 2008

So who is Nicole

As you may have seen in the about us section, Almond Tree Frames is a family business owned by a brother and sister - Simon and Angeline and their partners. So far you have had two blogs from Angeline, but I thought this time I, Nicole, would blog. Angeline is my sister in law (or soon to be), Simon my fiance is Angeline's sister.

So while Angeline is the creative one of the two, my role in the business is really to take the internet orders, do the bank rec (hey I'm an accountant!), attend all the markets and other boring odds and sods!

This is my first market free weekend for a little while, and I think it is the last one until Christmas, but I really love doing the markets - you get to be outside all day, which given that I am in my office at my day job all week long is great, you meet so many lovely people, other sellers and buyers alike, and you get great feedback on your product pretty much instantiously. Some of our most popular product lines have come from suggestions that we have had at markets, such as the rabbit design below.

When I am not at markets, you will pretty much find me at home, or at the park with our dog, Coup. Coup would have to be the most spoilt puppy (not that he is a puppy any more at almost 2 years) that I know - he is most definately our surrogate child!

Coup has had a pretty bad run, though thankfully (touch wood) the last few months have been incident free - Coup was born with hip displacia, and that has meant that he has had to have 3 knee reconstructions and a hip replacement, so has spent far more than his fair share of time at the vet hospital in Werribee - which if anyone should ever need to go to, is an absolutely fantastic centre, and so understanding about how traumatic the whole process can be. So I think that is partly why I spoil him so much, though Simon thinks he was just as spoilt before he had all the operations! Here is a picture of my baby

Angeline and I were sent the proofs of the photo's that are going to be used in the Herald Sun article, and they looked really great - I will have to see if we can get a copy so that I can upload them to show you all! We will let you know when the article is going to be in the paper as well.

OK, I better sign off - I have a work ball to go to, and have not yet picked what dress I am suppose to be wearing!!!

Don't forget to check out our website make sure you look at the monkey page - the cheeky monkies are easily my favourite!

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