Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finders Keepers Melbourne

We are so excited to have been accepted into Finders Keepers in Melbourne, yes they are finally coming to Melbourne in October. Having been fortunate enough to take part in their Sydney and Brisbane events it is so nice that we can now go to one in our home town!

Unfortunately Finders Keepers clashes with Bowerbird in Adelaide, so I will be treking off to Adeliade for the 3 days, while Angeline and Simon explore Finders Keepers!

We are going to be so busy cutting to get ready for these two mammoth events!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Your Childhood Fun

The innocence of childhood - how often do you think you just want your kids to have the simple, uncomplicated life you had when you were growing up, when you could spend hours outside creating your own adventures, skipping or building forts?

Our latest range brings this element of simple childhood into your house. It was originally designed as part of our baby butterfly (TM) range, as we thought they would look great in kids rooms, but surprisingly over half our sales are actually for Mum to keep in her room!

We currently have 6 completed designs that you will shortly see on our website, and in our stockists stores, with designs featuring girls playing ring a rosie, a brother and sister dinking each other on their bikes, two brothers playing cowboys, and a little boy out fishing...

I would love to hear your favourite childhood memories, and see if we could turn it into a design. Without a doubt my favourite past time would be lying outside on a warm day making shapes out of clouds, to this day when I am driving I will often point to a cloud and say to my husband doesn't that look like a .....

Monday, August 16, 2010


We are just so fortunate to again be a part of the Bowerbird Bazaar in October this year, this massive three day event was so much fun earlier this year that we had our fingers and toes crossed that we would be lucky enough to get in again, and we have!
We are lucky that it is at the beginning of October, so all of our Life InStyle orders will have shipped, and we will have plenty of new items to show... Speaking of Life InStyle I will do a new post of this soon, we again met so many awesome retailers, and finally got to meet in person some of our loyal stockists, which was great!
If you can't drop by Bowerbird Bazaar in October, we will be back in Adelaide in November for their last Mathildas market of the year!
Hope to see you there!

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