Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I mentioned in my last post that we had seen the proof pictures from the newspaper, I have included some below so you can have a look. These pictures were taken in Angeline's youngest's nursery, Shyla, you can see the tree in the background which Angeline has painted on the wall, it is just gorgeous, and makes our designs look even better.

Neivh, Angeline's oldest, has a similarly gorgeous painted wall, that looks like a kingdom, so we are going to take some pictures with these as the background and update our Etsy pictures.
Speaking of Etsy, we have recently dropped the prices on our unframed designs given the decline in the AUD, so these are now $10 cheaper at $33 - you can check them out at www.almondtreeframes.etsy.com
If the AUD increases, these will of course go back up to their normal price of $43....
In the middle of getting this business off the ground, we seem to be surrounded by weddings in the family at the moment. Simon and I are planning our wedding for October next week, so far we have gotten as far as booking a place for the ceremony and the reception, and chosing a colour scheme - chocolate and pink, and that is about it... I really need to get cracking on picking a photographer and dress (though that means that I need to go on a diet first!).... We also have Simon and Angelines brother, Paul, getting married in December this year - He is getting married at Angeline's house, so that makes it more interesting, and also my sister is getting married in January 2009 - so it seems that at the moment we are running from market to market for the shop then to dress fittings, to invitation supplies... At least things are never dull!
We took Coup to the canine country club on the weekend - I love that place he gets to go swimming in the lagoon pool, then has a shower, goes on the agility course and has an absolute ball - as do we! If any of you are in Melbourne you should check it out - it is a great plus for your pooches
When we were there we saw that they have classes for dogs on rounding up sheep, given that Coup is a working dog, we thought that we would enroll him in this over summer, once his knees have been given the all clear - I can't wait, I am sure he is going to love it!!!!
Angeline has been busy designing the new logo for baby butterflies, to make is a seperate entity from Almond Tree Frames, so keep checking out our website www.almondtreeframes.com.au
to see when the new logo goes up!

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