Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I am so excited, not only is this my first every blog post (which is in itself pretty exciting!), today I had a photographer come around from the Victorian paper, for all you Australian's out there - it was the Herald Sun....

Now why was the Herald Sun photographing me I hear you ask??? Well they are going to be doing a feature on baby butterflies, in their Saturday home magazine (not sure when I will keep you all posted!!!)...

I got over the sick feeling of knowing that I was going to be photographed, knowing everyone I went to school with would see me, and changing my outfit 5 or 6 hundred times, when the photographer (who was just lovely) started to explain the process to me, and in the end it was pretty pain free - well until I see the pictures anyway!

I will keep you all posted about when the article will be out!

Now I was hoping to spend the first post introducing me, the blog and the business, and I have gotten all side tracked! I am Angeline and I am very excited to have a blog for baby butterflies. Baby butterflies was something I created when my two littlies were born (they are now 11 months and 3 years), and when I bought a frame shop with my husband, brother and his fiance I had a forum to start selling these designs a little more seriously... They started off simply being personalised butterfly motif's, however have grown now to include geisha's, cars, aeroplanes, rabbits and so on - and I still have so many more design ideas - such as the elephant below!

I would love to hear what motif's that you would like to see so please email your idea's through and I will try and cut some samples.

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