Thursday, October 16, 2008

Paper Forest - New OOAK art work

I finally got around to listing all of Angeline's great new designs on etsy today, we have moved away from Nursery art with these designs, and are now making the paper designs more general. There are four designs on Etsy at the moment, and I am absolutely in love with the paper reflections design, I think I am going to have to get one to put up in my house... Here is a peak at the designs in our Etsy store ( )

We will try and get these framed in time for our next market, as I feel really good about these designs!

We are working on our new website, and have come up with some great ideas, hopefully the new website will be up by the end of the month, just in time for Christmas! Keep your eye out for it

Off the topic of the shop for awhile, I was shopping the other day, and saw the most gorgeous puppy (well most gorgeous after Coup of course!), and it started me thinking that it would be great to have another one, so Coup had someone to play with all day. I was pretty close to buying this puppy, only it was a boy and I was worried with two guys there might be some territorial issues - plus that would mean our house would have 4 guys, and 1 girl - I am already outnumbered as it is! IThe other issue that we have is where will they sleep.... Coup currently sleeps on the bed with Sime and I, so it is quite cozy, if we get another dog, they would need their own sleeping arrangements, which I am struggling with - I love having Coupy sleep on my feet in winter - it is so cozy!!!
So I would love to hear all your thoughts about buying another dog, I am worried that as Coup is nearly 2, he might not adjust to another dog, given he really hasn't had much interaction with other animals, and also your thoughts on how I can get Coup to adjust to not sleeping on the bed...

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smilemonsters said...

The paper forest is very cool. I love them. :)

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