Monday, February 1, 2010

Painting, Painting oh and more painting...

Well yesterday at 9am we took over the new shop, a big thank you to the wonderful Michael who had been in the shop for all of his help in the transfer, it made getting the phone, power etc turned on really easy!
We eased into the day, with a fantastic breakfast at provisions over the road first, nothing like a stack of pancakes to kick start your day!

We then got cracking...

First to come down was all the shelving and mirrors that we didn't need any more, unfortunately with 2 broken mirrors we can now look forward to an interesting 14 years!

Then we had to get rid of the old signage and start to paint, Simon was in charge of turning the back wall into a gorgeous piece of chocolate colour...

While the shop was in pretty good nick, there were cream coloured walls that we had to transform into gallery white, and give the red wall a touch of paint.

Angeline and the girls were on hand to provide advise as to how we were going, while being safely tucked up in the backroom - surprising there were no disastors given that we had lots of open paint tins, wood floors and 3 kids under 4!

Joe and Tracey, the new additions to the Almond Tree Frame team, started off with the painting, then had to go and see Jersey Boys, as they had bought their tickets before we arranged hand over, and then headed back to do some more painting - now that's dedication! By the way the absolutely loved Jersey Boys, and highly recommend it!
So we finally got all the painting done yesterday, and today the team will be concentrating on getting the gallery hangers hung, and some stock installed - so tomorrow pictures will be a bit more exciting!
Here is the final picture of yesterdays results...

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