Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dogs and Shops, what a week!

Well 1 day to go until we get the shop - here is what the space currently looks like

I will post again tomorrow to show you the work in progress...

Today was spent busily at our Melton shop framing everything, including some new paper forest designs that will only be available through the Williamstown store, and look absolutely gorgeous, with little country fences in the background.

I was also lucky enough to see the Mingus bags and purses that were delivered on thursday to the shop, they were absolutely devine, and I am struggling not to keep one of them for myself.

On the way up the the shop today, we say a sign that had Boarder Collie pups for sale... Simon and I have been speaking for about 18 months to get Coupy a little sister, and thought that the sign must be an omen, as Simon really had his heart set on a boarder collie... So after 10 hours of fitting frames, we thought we would just pop in for a look, and definately not buy one but think about it...

needless to say, we popped in and I immediately wanted to buy 10, but eventually settled on a gorgeous little girl with a black head and a white strip around her tummy... She is just 5 weeks old so I couldn't whisk her away, but I will pop up a photo as soon as we bring her home!


Rachel said...

Looking forward to seeing the progress pics and starting next week. Hope it's all been smooth sailing.

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

it is looking fantastic already. good luck with the rest.

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