Tuesday, February 16, 2010

McKenzie and lack of sleep

Sorry for the break between posts, this week has been quite hectic - on top of the new gallery, I have been busy cleaning out my room at Mum & Dad's (I didn't realise I was such a hoarder, until I found all my childhood toys!).

We also picked up McKenzie, our new puppy this week, she is absolutely adorable, though having trouble sleeping at night (she is great at sleeping during the day!) - She is so full of energy and literally bounces every where!
McKenzie & Coup are still a little wary of each other, and sussing the other out, but are starting to play chasey around the house... Our biggest challenge at the moment is keeping McKenzie out of Coups food!

On another note, we had two gorgeous shippments arrive this week, just in time for our grand opening on the 25th - I will take some photographs tonight, and share them with you tomorrow!

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