Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wow what a month we have had so far, we did our very first Finders Keepers market in Sydney and it truely was an event to be seen, shopping and wine should always go hand in hand I think!
Thankfully Simon came with me to Sydney to help man the store, which was very lucky as we were so busy that I don't think I would have survived if he hadn't been there. It was nice to see the new products that we have just launched be sold so quickly, with our new Alice in Wonderland frames selling out on the first day (stay tuned for some exciting news about a national magazine set to do a feature on these little designs!)

This was the first chance that we have had to introduce our products to Sydney and it was so nice to see how popular and well received they were. So many of our paper forest range run out of their editions, my personal favourite Murder has now sold out and has been discontinued...

Angeline has been frantically cutting out the new Anatomica designs, we didn't think that they would be as popular as they were, so I am very thankful that we got them finished in time to show, this owl design was a particular hit with only a couple left to go before it too is discontinued...

So for anyone that missed Finders Keepers, please make sure you get along to the next event - we managed to get all of our Christmas shopping done over the two days - not a small feat given our picky families!

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