Friday, December 18, 2009

Wow looks like next year will be just as busy

For those readers who don't know, we actually started our arts business as a supplement to our shop - In 2008 we purchased a frame shop and gallery in Melbourne, which is how the 4 of us started in business together, we thought that we had all bases covered, the artist, the accountant, the IT guy and the manufacturer, but buy did we under estimate how much work goes into owning your own business!!!

Some 18 months on, and I think we have found our feet, so much so in fact that we are going to be opening our second shop!!!

We are just so excited, it is like it is Christmas morning here in the Almon, O'Day and Pawley households!!!

Stay tuned for more details, but we are already playing our swanky invitation only launch and many other great ideas!!!

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