Friday, July 9, 2010

Family Rules Posters

The phrase family rules to me automatically conjures up rules around making your bed, making sure your clothes are in the washing, and eating everything on your plate.

That is why I think I love this family rules poster so much, it covers much nicer rules, such as love one another, and always tell the Truth. I have one of these posters up in my office, and there are times when it just centres me and reminds me what is important during the day.

We had such a nice request for one poster to be personalised, that I think I am making the change permanent as it is a rule that I need to remember especially as the days seem to get busier and busier.

We had a lovely lady ask us to change the rule from Stay Happy, to start and end each day with a kiss. Which one do you prefer?

We also have a new poster, being the family wishes. This is the poster that we see the most emotion from, with 2 ladies at the last Mathildas market in Adelaide start crying as soon as they read the words. I really think the last line Hug me as though you will never grow up sums it all up - When was the last time you hugged your mum like that?

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