Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthdays at ATF

It has been a busy July already over at Almond Tree Frames, July is when our significant others have their birthdays, with Angeline's husband Chris, celebrating a big birthday on July 4th, while Simon had his on July 5th.
We have just been so busy with everything, that I almost completely forgot about poor Simon's birthday, and had to quickly run down the street to get something for him - unfortunately long gone are the days when I went to the Collingwood training (which for a Carlton supporter was a hard thing to do!) to get a jumper signed.

I had great intentions to make a fantastically colourful cake that Neivh and Shyla, oh and Simon of course, would love, here was my inspiration:

Instead we ended up with a sponge from the Cheesecake shop... Next year I promise to be more organised!

We have had a lot of incredibly exciting news lately, a number of well known magazines have approached us to do a story on our products, such as Marie Clare, Cosmo Pregnany and Inside Out, our metamorphis designs are taking designers fancy everywhere at the moment, and have been getting so much press (which we will never complain about!). We have just released the hummingbird, and feather design which sold as soon as we popped them in shops! Here is a sneak peak:

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my little jedi said...

Love this post :)
I love the hummingbird and feather design! congrats on the very exciting news, cant wait to see your products in the mags xx

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