Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Song Birds

We have an exciting meeting tomorrow with a store in Victoria that has a few show rooms around Melbourne, and have been busily preparing new products which we can show them, which is where the show birds designs have come from. These will be shortly making their way to the webstore:
I think they look just gorgeous, and can't wait to the rest of the series are finished!

We have had a big couple of days, which I will fill you in on a little bit over the next couple of days...

On the front of the person copying our design, we have just the best lawyer who is drawing up papers to serve her for a breach of not only copyright laws but also the trade practices act, for a breach of section 52 - which is misleading and deceptive conduct, as she hasn't contacted us the lawyer will be serving the papers on Monday, and I must admit I can't wait!!!!

Sadly though it appears that copying our designs is not enough, we have seen that she has also some designs that look scarily like the talented Lisa from the Red Thread - I can't actually believe that someone has the nerver to copy a few artists and pass them off as her own...

We also have some exciting news about an exhibition that we are going to be having at Brunswich street Gallery in May, I will post details of the opening closer to the date, but we are busy busy busy cutting at the moment!

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